The most cosmopolitan Mykonos region to explore (and where to stay for luxury holidays)

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The most cosmopolitan Mykonos region to explore (and where to stay for luxury holidays)

Those that visit Mykonos always stop at Elia even briefly. No wonder. It combines the cosmopolitan nature of the Cycladic island, the vibrancy of its party scene, natural beauties, and the longest sandy beach of Mykonos. Being around 12 kilometres from the island capital and its special allure, Elia region is the most favoured destination for VIPs, Hollywood stars, and celebs that choose to spend their summer holidays at the most diverse and glamorous island of the Mediterranean.

As expected, the grandeur that distinguishes Elia is also depicted in the exclusive Mykonian villa rentals that occupy privileged spots across the region. Three of the most dazzling ones that blend traditional Cycladic architecture with a wide range of modern amenities, lots of comforts, heart-stopping panoramas, idyllic sunsets, minimalism, and elegance are highlighted right below!

1. Villa Estella – Mind-blowing opulence

If you need an exquisite abode sitting on a hillside, overlooking the glittering Aegean Sea, and exuding chicness and style from every inch, then this is your place. Grab a refreshing cocktail when the sun sets and treat your eyes with amazing coastal views of the Island of the Winds. High-beam ceilings, arched doorways, whitewashed walls, wooden, handmade furniture, fantastic vistas from all around the villa, 12 well-appointed ensuite bedrooms, ample dining and living spaces, a wealth of amenities (including a private church and in-house staff), five elegant guest houses, and indoor and outdoor areas offer up to 24 guests an utterly luxurious stay.

For more details, visit Villa Estella.

2. Villa Jessica – A Romantic getaway

Ideally designed to provide ultimate privacy and comfort to up to four guests, this beautiful 95 sq.m mansion epitomises ancient Greek-style architecture while blending charming shades of blue from the sky and the sea with whiter-than-white exteriors, earthy browns, and soothing greens from the lush garden that surrounds it. With rock details and amenities featuring lavish en-suite bedrooms, indoor and outdoor dining areas, roomy interiors, a kitchen that has it all, pergolas, a pool with jacuzzi, and many more, Villa Jessica exudes grandeur from every corner. Feel free to enjoy your evening cocktail gazing the endless cobalt of the Aegean Sea and the starry sky or welcome each new day with panoramic views of the glorious sun slowly taking its place in the morning cosmos.

For more details, visit Villa Jessica.

3. Villa Yael

Fully equipped with amenities like breakfast bars, built-in sofas, BBQ areas, posh en-suite bedrooms, open-plan spaces, dining and lounge areas offering amazing sea views, a laundry room, an independent suite for more privacy, pergolas, an infinity pool overlooking the Aegean Sea, and many more, Villa Yael ticks all the boxes of even the most discerning guest’s wish list. Situated on a prestigious hillside location, it blends harmoniously with the natural environment while pampering guests with mind-blowing panoramas and picturesque vistas. Stroll around the exclusive property and let yourself be blown away by the magnificent that characterises the region. Flower-lined paths and small aloe vera and olive tree gardens await to help soothe the mind and body.

For more details, visit Villa Yael.

Filled with narrow cobbled streets, bougainvillaea-filled yards, colourful buildings with their balconies literally hanging over the edge of the water, impressive sights, a vivid nightlife, lots of natural beauties, captivating sunsets, romantic seascapes, and all the fun and, at the same time, tranquillity and privacy one can ask for, Mykonos is rightfully referred to as the Queen of the Cyclades. And, Elia is definitely the heart of the island, closely following the beat of the island capital.

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