5 Essential Tips for First Time House-Sitting Travelers

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Housesitting in a luxurious house in a dream travel destination can only be acquired by fortunate people or those who worked hard to attain this opportunity. The travel done in this way is as good as free. Most homeowners will provide you food and living expenses to watch their house. However, if you’re a first-time house sitter, you can face some difficulties with taking care of the house and not upsetting the owners to end up ruining your vacation. You’ll need useful tips to help you house-sit in the most efficient way to satisfy homeowners and be able to get more future opportunities to travel like this. For that, all you have to do is look below and be informed.

Ask for Additional Instructions

Many homeowners present you with a set of rules to follow around the house and avoid doing some things. The list of instructions can consist of a list of items from watching over the dog to watering the plants. However there can be situations in which you may find yourself not knowing what to do. For example, guests can appear, or a parcel can end up at their door. Not knowing how to turn down cooling/heating, how to access laundry and how to turn off an accidentally set off alarm can leave you in a state of dismay. You can make a list of your concerns as stated above and more that can come to your mind to supply the owners to answer before they leave.

Avoid Offending The Owners

You’re alone in a house all to yourself. You may start to get bored, and your mind starts to fill with thoughts of doing something for fun. No matter how much your heart encourages you to throw a party or dance around the house, it will be better to take it outside. Before you lose control over yourself and end up destroying any of the interiors or go against the homeowners’ rules, you can go out and do something fun instead. Or you can persuade yourself to read a book or go online to distract yourself.

Care for Your Safety

In a foreign place and an unfamiliar home, you never know when a scene from a thriller home alone movie can come in play. You must at all costs ensure your safety to avoid from such a happening to come real. Lock all windows and doors before you go to sleep. And while you’re awake, make sure that no back door or a secret entry is open for anyone to get inside the house without you knowing.

Save Money

Even if you don’t have to spend money on things like food and accommodation you should refrain from overspending and have a plan to save for future expenses. Try to hitch cheap rides like buses or subways. Learn how to transfer money in person or from apps and money exchange units to home or work while travelling to save on transfer fees. On occasions when you need to eat outside, search for discounted deals. Learn the local language and traditions to make connections and get services in low-costs.

Travel to Your Hearts Content

This may be the best advice that anyone can give you when you’re travelling while house sitting; don’t get too immersed in looking after the house, get out there and explore the beautiful destination until you can’t anymore! Visit and tour the fantastic sites and get to know the culture. Relax in spas and join beach parties. Get mesmerised by the scenes to refresh your mind.


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