Parkos is my choice for airport parking: This is why…

Parkos is my choice for airport parking: This is why…

As a child, I always listed travelling among my many hobbies at the time. Today, I realize that it is actually one of the activities that take up most of my free time. You see, I plan a lot and therefore very few things have caught me unawares as far as travelling is concerned.

I remember how I had on many occasions asked a colleague at work to drop me at the airport to catch a quick flight then flag down a taxi home when I got back. Frustrating does not even begin to define how the experience was back then; the only part that kept me sane was the destination I was flying to. I live in Newark and just recently moved close to Newark airport to aid my travelling. As more and more people become aware of the existence of Parkos, parking at the airport is a coveted aspect of travelling by air.

Airports need money to not only keep up with international standards but also to pay the many officials who take care of various operations. Apart from the money collected from restaurants and other businesses within the airport as rent, car parking services as a great source of additional income. Starting a side venture for anyone, leave alone an airport, can be quite demanding. I tried running a business once when still employed and let us just say that it did not end well.

With Parkos however, Newark and other airports around the globe experience an untold ease with earning from airport parking. I tend to imagine that airport authorities actually plan on ways to make more money from airport parking – why else would they provide options? Parkos has definitely come at a good time; it would be so stressful for airports that are in controls of thousands of travellers on a daily basis.

Everyone needs Parkos to ease their travel

I am very careful about how much money I spend on the purchases I make; many people interpret this as being a miser but I see it differently. Why would I spend more on something when I can get a better price for it if only I took time to look around?

Parkos allows travellers the convenience of comparing prices for different parking lots without the need to move from one platform to another. Another benefit of Parkos that personally appeals to me is being able to make reservations days, weeks or even months to your travel date. You do not think that helps in any way? Consider how daunting travel can be, advance booking lets you free of airport parking worries on the day of the flight. Besides, you get a discount for booking early.

The safety of your car is assured

Forget the anxiety that most people have when they buy their first car. I for instance was so afraid that it was going to be stolen that I shifted my sitting position in the house. All I wanted to do was keep checking that the car was still there and no kids came near it. Well, travelling simply means that you are going to be very far from your car that you will not be able to steal glances to check on it. Why not leave your car with Parkos, a safe pair of hands that guarantees car security 24/7?

If you are like me, you have at times tried reaching the airport via public means just to get a feel of the experience; and such are the many times when I have been frustrated beyond words. Some people would put up with this inconvenience to not bring their cars to the airport. I have on 2 or 3 occasions returned home to find that my car, parked at the garage when I left, has been vandalized. I will use Parkos any time!

Parking near the airport with Parkos is practical. Imagine carrying around luggage because you are too afraid to bring your car. It is probably alright if you have little or no luggage, but it would be a different story if you happen to have forgotten something important at home. Obviously, going back home and making it back in time is possible if you have your own car; a pipe dream if you arrived in public transport. The worst case scenario would be when it hits you that you have missed your flight. The Newark airport parking facilities have been vetted by Parkos to ensure conformity to parking standards.

Have you just realized that you require airport parking? Parkos accepts reservations even to last minute provided that there are spots available. The process of reserving a spot through the online portal is easy; you can even do it as you continue parking. Do not worry that you get a spot farthest from the terminal – Newark airport parking is secure and the round the clock CCTV surveillance records everything that takes place there.

Various options for airport parking

It is important for any parking service to take into consideration the fact that all travellers are not the same; Parkos seems to get it! That is why there are plenty of parking space options to choose from. Just pick the one that is within your budget or in line with your travel plans and you are good to go. At the Newark Airport for example, travellers get to choose between short term and long term parking. If you are not planning to leave your car at the airport for longer than 24 hours, go for short term parking. Not sure how long your car will be there? It is better to take long term parking as the rates are lower.

The only time you can be sure that you are not going to be paying for long term parking is if you are at the airport to pick or drop a traveller. It is said that Newark airport is number 15th in the ranks of busy airports in the United States. You guessed right if you thought that the constant large crowd at the airport affects the availability of parking spaces. There is a way out though for those who do not mind parking a bit further from the airport – offsite parking is 50% cheaper than onsite parking.

Valet Parking at Newark

Even if you had made an early reservation, parking at the airport can be really stressful. I tried doing it last year when travelling to my folks for Thanksgiving and I ended up missing the morning flight. I had never thought of how crowded the airport would be at this time of the year and I took it upon myself to find a parking spot. Had I known early, I would have called Parkos support to request for valet services. Valet parking saves you time because you get a designated driver waiting for you at a specific location, they drive you to the nearest stop closest to your terminal then find a parking spot for the car. The car remains there in your absence but the driver keeps the keys. When you come back, simply liaise with Parkos support and you will find the driver at a specific location waiting to hand over the car keys.


It is not possible to take your car with you wherever you go that is why Newark airport parking is a lifesaver when travelling from that area. The service gives travellers who use it peace of mind on the security of their vehicle and a cheap car parking arrangement. It is also available for those who are travelling from Chicago O’Hare, airport Atlanta and Seattle SeaTac.


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