Celtic connections — 7 tips for an Edinburgh to Wales trip

Celtic connections — 7 tips for an Edinburgh to Wales trip

As two nations with cultures which aren’t a million miles apart, Scotland and Wales have produced several world-beating artists and entertainers.

From Robert Burns to Dylan Thomas, Dame Shirley Bassey to Susan Boyle and Rhod Gilbert to The Krankies, the list of legendary acts from these nations reads like a stellar who’s who of the showbiz world.

So it’s no wonder that, even outwith the rugby Six Nations season, Wales is a popular destination for pleasure seeking Edinburgh travellers looking for a place to let their collective hair down.

If you’re seeking closer Celtic connections, here are seven tips for an Edinburgh to Wales trip.

Lorne Sausage

No true Scottish person travels more than a few miles from home without a supply of delicious square sausage.

So slip some lorne sausage in your sporran prior to departure — Simon Howie’s recipe is especially succulent.


Next pick for your Welsh survival pack is Irn-Bru. This awesome amber nectar is available in some Welsh shops, but it’s not as ubiquitous as north of the border.

Pick up an 8-pack of cans from your Scottish supermarket beforehand just to be sure — you don’t want to do without this first-class hangover cure.


A kilt’s a conversation-starter wherever it’s worn outside Scotland — and Wales is no different.

So if you’re partying during your Welsh vacation, either bring your own or hire one for the duration.


Cardiff is one of the most convenient and closest hops from Edinburgh and if you book your flights in plenty of time, you may bag a bargain.

Skyscanner is a superb place to find cheap flights online and its site also advises on the most economical time of year to travel.

Airport parking

If you prefer the comfort of your car to a tram or bus, find Edinburgh airport parking at Looking4.com and book valet or park and ride options easily.

Once your vehicle is stored securely, you’ll feel much more relaxed and savour a hassle-free pre-flight experience.

Chateau Rhianfa

When you’re aiming to treat yourself to an exclusive break in Anglesey, staying at the fairytale Chateau Rhianfa is a dream come true.

This French style castle is a favourite for weddings but is also ideal for a romantic weekend away with your better half. As always, browse online for the best deal before you book.

Medicine Wheel retreat

For something completely different, why not join a Medicine Wheel retreat in North Wales?

This course from northwalesretreats.com is an entry level course for would-be shamans in rural Anglesey — you’ll create your own internal psycho-spiritual map while connecting with sacred animals, communing with nature and monitoring moon cycles. 

These seven magnificent tips are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Edinburgh to Wales travel. But they’ll help you acclimatize with creature comforts and start exploring this cool Celtic nation confidently.

That’s our list! Share your own Welsh travel tips in the comments section.


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