A Chocolate Masterclass at Shangri-La, At The Shard for Chocolate Week

Next week it’s National Chocolate Week! Have you ever heard anything so beautiful? I’m writing this from Central America, home of some of the best chocolate in the world, but for this post I’m flashing back a few months to a very special day at The Shard in London.

It was a boiling hot summers day and we were treated to some stunning views of the capital as myself and three other bloggers – Binny’s Kitchen, Girl Travels World and Luxury London – were welcomed into the gorgeous Shangri-La Hotel with an ice cold chocolate milkshake. We were there for a sneak preview of Chocolate Week in an extra special way!

National Chocolate Week

This has to be one of the best themed dates on the annual calendar. A whole week dedicated to my favourite food!

Running from the 9th – 15th October 2017, National Chocolate Week is all about chocolate. Where it comes from, how it’s made, and – of course – how it tastes! In celebration, Shangri-La’s gorgeous restaurant TĪNG are featuring an extra special autumn menu that’s packed with chocolatey twists and decadent treats. Speaking of which…

Chocolate Masterclass

My trip to The Shard was extra special because I wasn’t just there to eat chocolate. I was there to MAKE the chocolate! Under the supervision of TĪNG’s incredible executive pastry chef Heather Kaniuk, we had an extra special masterclass in creating her decadent Chocolate Marquis.

I’m just going to throw my hands up here and announce that I can’t cook! Aside from a pretty mean Victoria Sponge, my talents in the kitchen are limited to licking the bowl, tasting the recipe, and cleaning up things I spilled.

So the chance to create a pretty complicated dessert recipe with such a talented chef was a pretty amazing experience!

Alongside staggering views of a dreamy, blue-sky London, we whisked up chocolate mousse, poached kumquats, and caramelised hazlenuts. We baked an airy-light sponge and made cubes of chocolate jelly. And then – pretty unbelievably for me – we assembled the prettiest, most intricate dessert I’ve ever eaten, let alone made!

Chocolate Making at the Shard

Cooking with a view…

Pure Decadence

This heavenly Chocolate Marquis combines so many textures and flavours, and all of it goes together brilliantly. Citrussy kumquat, bitter cocoa nibs, tangy sea buckthorn, and – of course – chocolate. It was great fun to make – but even more fun to eat! With loads of decadent, autumnal flavours this is the ideal dessert for Chocolate Week. Head to TĪNG at the Shangri-La to try it!

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