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This week, I’ve been chatting to travel lover Allane Milliane from Packing my Suitcase blog. Originally from Brazil, Allane currently lives in Munich since marrying a German, while finishing her Master Degree on International RPostcard From Baskaelations in Switzerland. Allane says “I have worked in many different things in my life, but the United Nations has always been my dream”. After an exchange year in Canada, she has never stopped travelling the world; and since Allane is also passionate about writing, the two have combined into her blog Packing my Suitcase. Don’t forget to catch up with Allane on her Facebook Page and Instagram.

 Hi Allane! Where have you been lately?

I recently went to the city of Baska, in the Krk Island, Croatia. I am a passionate for islands, and with this one couldn’t have been different. The city is very tiny and you can walk its beach promenade from one side to the other in less than 1 hour. There are many charming cafes and delicious restaurants, a dock full of boats and the water is incredibly turquoise.

Postcard From Baska

That sounds lovely! Did you have good weather?

I went in the first week of last June. The first day it rained a little but then it just got warmer and warmer. During my entire week there the temperature varied between 20C and 31C! However, the water was still a bit cold.

Where did you stay?

In Baska there are a few hotel options, but I decided to stay in a rented apartment and I believe that is the best option, that being in terms of price, comfort or flexibility. I really enjoyed the apartment my husband and I stayed in, the view to the sea was amazing and there wasn’t any problem with dogs, so mine came along with us! The only problem was that we had no Wi-Fi, maybe it was better this way!

The view from our apartment

The view from our apartment

So, did you find plenty to keep you occupied on this small island? 

Everyday I would go for a run in the city, then diving! My husband and me spent most of our days underwater, since we were getting our Open Water Diver certification. We would normally be out in the sea between 9am to 3pm, and then we would enjoy the rest of the day on the beach with our dog and have an amazing meal in one of the city’s restaurants watching the sun set on the mountains.

We also enjoyed to visit nearby cities, and even did a little wine tasting in Vrbnik, an amazing little medieval city with an astonishing view of the sea.

Postcard From Baska

Do you have a highlight?

I have no doubt that my highlight was diving around the island. Of course back then the water was as cold as 17C but I didn’t really care, it was amazing enough seeing the local marine life and checking out caves and tunnels!


I don’t think I’ve ever tried Croatian food, what’s it like?

 The food was delightful! Everywhere I ate in the city I loved it, mainly seafood. But as I also love meat, I couldn’t resist trying a steak and it was one of the best I ever had. For seafood the best place we ate at was Cicibella, and for steaks and amazing breakfast was Bava.

Postcard From Baska

Were there any disasters on your trip?

Yes! The stove of our rented apartment was a bit outdated and confusing to deal with, that being said, my husband once cooked – or tried to – a tomato sauce that got burned within a few minutes! Damn it on the stove, my husband is a chef!

Do you have any tips or advice for anyone heading to Baska?

Getting to the island by car is the best option! And I highly recommend anyone who is planning to visit the island to rent an apartment there. It’s a cheap option and there are amazing options to choose from, the best way to rent one is to contact an estate agent directly, it is cheaper than renting it on a website.

The Dock

The Dock

Did you pick up any useful Croatian words?

Everyone speaks either English or German in Baska, so ” hvala” which means Thank you in Croatian was all that I could learn!



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