Porto Seguro – Centro Historico

Porto Seguro

On our second day in Porto Seguro, we visited the Centro Historico, a small strip of colonial buildings perched on top of the lush, green hill overlooking the town. Most of the buildings were unused, some now housing museums and exhibitions, or bustling souvenir shops, but the brightly coloured paintwork and vivid white churches made for some fantastic photographs. It was a pretty little reminder of the country’s colonial past, less stately than the historic centres we’d seen in the formerly Spanish-owned countries, but for whatever reason there wasn’t too much history on offer other than a war memorial and a small museum of the town housed inside a former colonial mansion. Alongside these were a few turkeys, some souvenir vendors, and whole lot of silence. There were also a few natives of a local indigenous tribe, clad in full traditional gear and selling handmade souvenirs or cold drinks on the grass opposite the painted houses, symbolic of a culture forced out by Portuguese colonists, but given that they – like almost all traditionally dressed locals in tourist centres – demanded money to pose for photographs they seemed more costumed pretenders than genuine tribesman. The Centro Historico is a tourist trap, like most places like it, but it’s a pretty one and definitely worth a look if you’re in Porto Seguro.

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