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Welcome to this week’s Postcard From – the feature where I chat to some lucky explorer about their recent travels.

This week, I’ve been chatting to awesome explorers Illia and Nastia. These travel bloggers are passionate about each other, travelling around the wPostcard From Singaporeorld and sharing their experiences at, a blog where you can find plenty of budget travel tips as well as practical information about numerous destinations. They have already been to 33 countries on 4 continents and say there  “ain’t no stopping”. Visit their website to learn more!

Welcome to the blog guys! Where have you been lately?

We were in Singapore and we must say that it was truly amazing! We had a huge break in travels before going there and it felt like heaven. Singapore is different from the rest of the Postcard From Singaporeworld: it is neither Asian, nor American, nor European. Actually, it’s a mixture of different lifestyles which makes it really cosmopolitan. That’s the best place to realize you are a citizen of the Universe.

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It sounds fantastic! How was the weather when you visited?

We were in Singapore in the end of June, a month which is mistakenly considered to be the hottest there. It is not true: the air is humid and the temperature is high, but since it rains quite often, you feel absolutely fine. It’s much better than in neighbouring Malaysia which we consider to be too hot. During sunny days we swam in the sea at Sentosa Island beach and when it was raining, enjoyed Aquarium and downtown.

The perfect combination! Did you have somewhere good to stay?

We stayed in a hostel, the title of which we can hardly remember and we don’t want to, ‘cause it was truly horrible. Even though the location was gPostcard From Singaporeood and we had free Indian milk tea for breakfast every morning, we literally suffered in this embassy of hell. At first we were given a nice big room, but the mattress was covered with the bodies of dead bedbugs, so we moved to another one, which was situated under the stairs and was more like a storeroom of Harry Potter. At the same time, the neighbourhood was really great: hipster-friendly art block with lots of nice cafes and historical buildings.

Uh-oh, bad hotels always suck. I hope you had lots of cool stuff to do to distract yourselves?

We visited every single corner of Singapore, even those suburbs where tourists never appear. TPostcard From Singaporehe main highlights for us were Botanical gardens (best place to fight the jetlag), Marina Bay (for walks and dancing fountain watching), Sentosa island (for amusement park, the biggest Asian aquarium, museums and beaches) and, of course, Chinatown (for food and shopping). We were really disappointed by water park, since the queues are so long that you can hardly cover a couple of slides in a day.

What was your highlight?

The best place to visit in Singapore is Gardens by the Bay, a park full of artificial 50-meter solar-powered supertrees. This is the place to feel like in the “Avatar” movie. We really enjoyed climbing on one of them and watching a night light show.

It looks amazing! So, time for the most important question… how was the food?

Singapore is the capital of food courts, that’s the place where they were invented and where they should be enjoyePostcard From Singapored. Mostly we ate various Asian soups with seafood, noodles, Peking duck and so on. The best food can be found in Chinatown. We tried fried sweet pork and, of course, Chinese lychee ice-cream. Unbelievably tasty!

Do you have any funny stories about your trip?

Nastia (female part of our couple) is in love with earrings. As soon as we entered Little India neighbourhood, we rushed to the nearest jewellery shop to add new pair of earrings to her coPostcard From Singaporellection. The process of evaluation, trying and comparing of earrings to be bought is usually pretty long, it might take up to one hour. For Illia who doesn’t participate in that it would be really hard to spend an hour in a tiny, hot and airless shop unless a sympathetic shop owner invited him to share his dinner. By the time the earrings were bought, two men had already become the best friends, debating about tropical fruits and women. It was the first tried we tried rambutan (offered by shop owner) which later became our favourite fruit.

Were there any disasters?

The main disaster was a constant fight with constructors which repaired the house just behind our hostel wall. They started drilling and making unbearable noise at 7 am and finished at 10 pm. Well, owing to them we visited much more places in Singapore than otherwise we would, just because we had no chance to sleep / spend time in the hostel.

Aah – how annoying! One final question then… do you have any tips or advice for anyone heading to Singapore?

In order to avoid horrible hostels, google hot deals in Singapore. As we learnt later, expensive hotels in Singapore have special promotions Postcard From Singaporewhich allow budget travellers to stay in 4-star apartments really cheaply.

Buy a metro pass as soon as you arrive, it would help you save on commuting expenses.

Have fun and good luck with your travels!

NB – all images are owned by Illia and Nastia. 

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  1. Packing my Suitcase

    Great interview! Just learned new things about Singapore I didnt know about :) ohhh I want to go now!

  2. There’s an amazing restaurant in those gardens called Pollen, the food is incredible!

  3. Thanks for featuring us! Sharing it across our social media ;)

  4. Great interview. Always like to see people enjoying SG! I never fail to be surprised at just how many people love Gardens by the Bay! They really were onto a winner for tourism when they built that!

  5. Great read guys, we enjoy Singapore too but luckily didn’t stay in that nasty sounding hostel. I agree, Gardens by the Bay are awesome.

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