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Welcome to this week’s Postcard From – the feature where I chat to some lucky explorer about their recent travels.

This week’s guest is Cory Lee, the founder of Curb Free with Cory Lee, a travel blog where he share his experiences as a wheelchair-using traveller. Cory says “travelling has been my greatest passion for as long as I can remember”. He’s been to 9 countries so far, but his life goal is to visit every continent. Aside from travelling, Cory recently graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree. You can follow Cory on Facebook and Twitter.

Hi Cory! Where have you been recently? 

I visited my number one dream destination this past February and March: Sydney, Australia. I had extremely high hopes because I have Postcard From Sydneydreamed of visiting Sydney my whole life, and it did not disappoint. It was even more amazing than I thought it would be. Sydney is very modern, which also makes it wheelchair friendly luckily. :)

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Sounds perfect! How was the weather?

It was near the end of the Australian Summer when I visited and I really could not have asked for better weather. It was warm and sunny the whole time I was there, which was a great contrast to where I live in the United States. It snowed over 8 inches just a week before I departed for Australia so I was in dire need of some fun in the sun.

Where did you stay?

I stayed at Swissôtel Sydney, which is right in the middle of Sydney’s business district. I chose it because it was within walking distance of everything that I wanted to visit and Postcard From Sydneythey offered a great wheelchair accessible room with a large roll-in shower. Another awesome thing that happened during my stay was on my 24th birthday. They delivered a rather big piece of chocolate cake with fresh fruit and a card to my room. It was a terrific and delicious surprise!

Wow, that’s awesome! What did you get up to in Sydney?

I visited all of the typical Sydney landmarks including Manly Beach, the zoos (where I got to meet some really cute kangaroos and koalas!), Darling Harbour, and I even saw a show inside the Sydney Opera House!

Do you have a highlight?

One of the biggest highlights of my trip was taking part in the Sydney Tower Eye SKYWALK. I got to roll outside, 25Postcard From Sydney0 meters above ground, at the top of the Sydney Tower. It was such a thrill and provided some of the most amazing views that I have ever seen, even if the wind was rather fierce that day.

Amazing! I’d love to try that! Did you find any good food in Sydney?

Sydney definitely has some of the best food that I’ve ever eaten. I did not have a bad meal once. I ate everything from pizza to fish and chips to kangaroo loin. The kangaroo loin was a little interesting, but even it wasn’t terrible. My favourite meal was probably at Hugo’s in Manly, where I had an amazing pizza. If you’re a pizza lover, be sure to check this place out. So good!!

I tried kangaroo before and really liked it. It’s quite rich, as I remember! Did you have any disasters on your trip?

On the last night of our trip, the fire alarm went off in our hotel at 4am. Since we were on the sixth floor and I am in a wheelchair, there was no way for me to get down without the elevator. But of course, the elevator was turned off because of the alarm. Needless to say, I was freaking oPostcard From Sydneyut a bit. As soon as I was about to be carried (or should I say ‘thrown’) down six flights of stairs, we were informed that it was a false alarm. Luckily, this ended up not being a disaster, but it was a close call.

Woah, that would freak me out too! So, last question – do you have any tips or advice for anyone planning a similar trip?

For anyone going to Sydney, I would say to take it all in and enjoy it. It’s truly one of the most spectacular places in the world so experience as much as you can. I wish that I had stayed in Sydney a few days longer because there’s so much to explore, so maybe just go ahead and add a few more days to your itinerary. Have fun, mates!

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NB – all photos are owned by Cory Lee. 

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  1. Love this! Sydney is an amazing city! It looks like you had a great time :) ☀️☀️☀️

  2. That sucks about the fire alarm.. Some nice tips, hope to make it to Sydney one day.

  3. I have never really thought too much about Australia but now its on my radar as I might be visiting my friend at the end of the year. Reading this makes me get excited about the prospect.

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