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The past five months in South America has been one long, awesome adventure. From running down a building in Bolivia, to paragliding in Colombia, to white water rafting in Peru, I’ve tried tons of new experiences and loved every single one. Adventures like these aren’t just fun, they’re good for you spiritually, too – facing your fears and learning new skills is great for boosting your confidence, as I learnt when I cycled Death Road in La Paz.

Not wanting these experiences – or my emotional growth – to come to an end, I plan to continue having adventures even after I return home. After a month or two in the UK, I hope to start housesitting around Europe to see what I’ve been missing in my own neglected continent. So, I’ve been looking for the best new adventures I can try around Europe, and there are some really cool ones…

Zip-Lining in the Lake District, UK

Since my first housesitting assignment is in Cumbria, this one is the perfect place to start! Awesome adventure company Go Ape have just Go Ape Zip Linelaunched a cool new zip-lining experience at their Grizedale Forest site, not far from Lake Windermere. I tried zip lining in Peru on my Inca Jungle Trek, and ever since I’ve been super keen to try it again – so I’m definitely going to squeeze in a visit to Grizedale between all the hiking I’ll be doing around the Lake District! And speaking of hiking…

Hiking in Kungsleden, Sweden

Ok, there are hundreds of incredible places to hike all over Europe, but not too many where you’ll spot wild reindeer amongst birch forests in glacier-carved valleys! Extending through four national parks and a natural reserve, the Kungsleden stretches 438km from Abisko to Hemavan in Swedish Lapland and would actually take at least a month to hike in full!

Skiing in the Alps, France 

Maybe not an adventure to some, but for someone who has never tried skiing the concept of strapping some sticks to my feet and throwing Skiingmyself down a snowy hill is downright terrifying! Not only is there skiing to try, but what about climbing Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc, paragliding through the mountains or exploring the inside of a glacier?

Horseback riding in Andalucia, Spain

What could be more adventurous than touring Andalucia’s stunning mountainous landscape on horseback? Cantering across a desert landscape or treading softly through pine forests, a proudly worn cowboy hat keeping the sun off your face… sounds too good to be true!

Ice diving in the White Sea, Russia

For the truly adventurous/insane, there’s always ice diving! Saw through 1.5m thick ice, hop into the hole with an underwater flashlight, and ice divingexplore the underwater world of ice hummocks and caves – all the while attached to the world above by a single safety rope. The water is freezing, but the stunning underwater landscape and ice should be the reward for your pain! Sounds like fun, right?

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