Surround Yourself with Travel Inspiration

Since all I do at work these days is sit around daydreaming about holidays and planning my dream trip for next year, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ways Phuketto surround myself with travel inspiration.

Travel Blogs

As a travel blogger, I like to keep in touch with the blogging community, and I’m constantly browsing other travel blogs. These are not only a great source of information – with stories, photos and incredible tips – but they are also a great way to gather practical information like prices, etiquette and the best times to visit places.

Maps in Poster Frames

I think maps make great decorations for around the home. There’s a big blank wall between my TV and the window in my flat, and I would love to fill it with a couple of huge, colourful maps in poster frames. Framing a poster can turn it into instant art, its simple and easy to do, and you can get some gorgeous maps these days which could not only brighten up your home, but would be a constant reminder of your upcoming trip. Since you can pick up some wholesale poster frames relatively cheaply, it would be easy to make a whole load of art for your home. If a map isn’t your cup of tea, you could also print an inspirational travel quote or a beautiful picture of your dream destination, and pop it in a poster frame. Hey presto; instant art!

World Map Watercolors Poster
Map image from Zazzle


There are loads of ways share inspiration, tips and wanderlust across social media channels – people like me love to tweet great pics and stuff, for example – but the one of the best sites has to be Pinterest. You can gather pics from around the web and ‘pin’ them to a board – sort of like creating a virtual mood board. People share some fab travel photos and quotes on their boards, like this one, and once you start browsing its hard to stop!

Update your Bookshelf

Not only do I have my Moon guidebooks for Brazil, Peru and Thailand (three of my dream destinations) neatly stacked on my coffee table, ready for easy access whenever I’m curled up on the sofa half-watching TV, but I have also been steadily filling my bookshelf up with some seriously inspirational titles. Travel writers, like Kira Salak, Paul Theroux and Bill Bryson have always been big inspirations for me, but I also find fiction that was written and set in a certain destination is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the culture! I love reading translated books by foreign authors, and at the moment I’m packing my bookshelf with fiction from South American and Asian authors like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mario Vargas Llosa, and Kenzaburo Oe.

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  1. The Wandering Gourmand

    We’re always talking about the next trip and researching ideas. I also am an avid reader of National Geographic Traveller. Recently, I was sent a trial for Afar. I am curious about that magazine as well.

  2. njoyeverymoment

    nice informative post …as a travel blogger I can completely relate to ..i keep updating my scrapbook and bucket list being inspired by other fellow bloggers 🙂

  3. ~WithLoveFromBG~

    Great post! I am a fan of YouTube videos and documentaries when it comes to staying inspired to travel. 🙂

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