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Just a short post today – yet again from Amsterdam! I hope no one is getting bored of these yet!

As I walking down Nieuwezjids Voorburgwal past the Amsterdam Museum – initially planning to duck in there to shelter from the rain on my way to the flower market on the Singel – I noticed a surprisingly large number of bookshops. Since these are one of my favourite kinds of shops, I was really interested to see so many of them in one small area, as though they were all drawn towards the museum’s educational pull. There were lots of independant and second hand bookstores, which I always think look really lovely, but I was also struck by the fact that there were loads of niche shops like De Kinderboekwinkel, a brightly coloured children’s bookshop. If I could read even two words of Dutch, I think I would have spent hours wandering through the various stores, in particular the beautiful Athenaeum. The American Book Centre did offer plenty of reads in English, but by that time the sun had come out and the flower market was calling – plus the few crumpled euros in my pocket were destined to buy my dinner, not yet another travel book – so I had to pass it by.

Hopefully I will return one day with more time than a few hours to take in the whole city, and I’ll be able to browse at my leisure. Better yet, maybe one day I’ll learn Dutch, move to Amsterdam and open my own travel bookstore. Ah, to dream…





American Bookstore, Amsterdam

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  1. great shots and story I was just recently there in the crown plaza. cheers

  2. my friend was in amsterdam for 30 days and he said it is too short for 30 days to explore this city 🙂 the ice cream is good and he often saw indonesian food on there

    • Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog! I managed to see a lot in one day, but I agree that even thirty days probably isn’t enough to properly explore the city.

  3. What an awesome dream – to move to Amsterdam and open a bookstore. I’ll certainly come to shop!

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